Copyright, Patents and Trade Marks Act 1988.

All images are worldwide copyrighted by the photographer and cannot be used in any way, shape, manner or form without express written permission and appropriate licence fees paid.

The images cannot be altered or copied in any way.

Prints must be ordered directly from the photographer.

All images will have a discreet copyright mark, similar to this.


Terms and Conditions

Download a read only copy* of Terms and Conditions for Photo use 2014.pdf

Phil is a freelance (independent) photographer, that does not mean he works for free.

Phil charges for all of his time on the work, any materials he may use and any other direct costs.

You are also paying for his 50 plus years of experience, which he puts into every photograph that he takes.

Payment is required within 7 (seven) calendar days of receiving the invoice**.


If you are a company or private individual who wants to use one of Phils images, please do not contact Phil and ask to use it for free or in exchange for exposure / publicity.

You have found the images, so obviously Phil has already achieved the required exposure.

Free / exposure / publicity does not put food on the table or pay the bills.....

Your company / organisation will have a financial budget for advertising, so utilise it.

You would not expect your writers to work for free or your employers / employees and nor will any company be giving free publishing.

Just because it is a digital image, that does not mean that it was free to produce - for a fuller understanding of this, please click here.


When you are employed in a job of work, you are paid an hourly rate which is usually dictated to you by your employer.

Part of this contract with your employer legally obliges them to pay on your behalf, your National Insurance, contributing towards your state or private pension, your tax and also to pay you for your annual or sick leave.

When you are self-employed you do not have the safety net of all of that being done for you.

So please do not try to negotiate the fees; any available discounts are shown on the Special Offers page.

Phil strongly suggests that you take the time to check out other photographers in the local area.

Look at their prices and work out how much they are charging you by the hour.

And when you have, you will realise that Phils fees represent truly exceptional value for money.

One of Phils clients made a memorable comment to him a little while ago.

Phil, you provide West end quality at East end prices, you are an absolute treasure...

Phil is a member of the

PLUS Registry

(Picture Licensing Universal System)

The bitter taste of poor quality lingers long after the sweet taste of low price is forgotten (unknown)

So, if you want true quality, timeless images by an experienced, professional photographer,

do not hesitate to get in touch with Phil

Phil is a member of the

Artist Rights Alliance